Are you aware of the multiple types of plumbing tools that come under plumbing services?

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About Plumbing:

Plumbing services provide services regarding system pipes and fittings, joints, and valves, which are used to carry the water from the source to users. Effectively, it conveys water from water supply systems to domestic use and public uses. Plumbing services include wastewater drainage system, roof drainage system, storm drainage, air ventilation system, Installation of water closet basins, sink system, hot and cold water system, washroom and bathroom fixtures. It also includes the opening of walls and floors to accommodate pipes and pipe fittings, testing of pipes for leakage and proper works.

In a craftsman tool bucket, plumbing craftsman carries small-sized plumbing tools that are handy. But large plumbing organizations use various types of high-quality tools and piping power tools.

Plumbing power tools include:

  • Combi Drill
  • Impact driver
  • SDS+ Hammer Drill
  • Oscillating multi-tool
  • Circular saw
  • Dust control/collection system

Classification of plumbing tools:

  • Holding tools
  • Fitting tools – adjustable wrenches, spanner(ring spanner, open-end spanner, combined or dual spanner, Bi-hexagonal ring spanner)
  • Threading tools – Threading die
  • Cutting tools – Pipe cutter, Hacksaw
  • Other tools – Bit brace or Ratchet brace, Chisel, Hammer, Measuring Tape, Drill Machine, File, Pliers, Screwdriver, Shovel, Trowel, Pan, Soldering Iron.

Some normally used plumbing tools include 9 or 18 inch Levels, Channel locks, Crescent Tool, Basin wrench for working under a sink cabinet, Tubing cutters, Cutting torch, or Blow torch, Stem wrench, Seat wrench, squares for commercial under-slab residential plumbing

Small licensed plumbers or plumbing service company should upgrade themselves with these Standard tools like Moen Stem Puller, Bibb Seat, Compression Sleeve Puller,  Tube Benders, Sleeve Puller, Handle Pullers, Pipe Threading Kits, Compact Pipe and Tubing Cutters, Large Heavy Duty Plastic Pipe Cutter, Pipe Saws, Hacksaw, Element Removal Wrench, Adjustable Internal Spud Wrench, Radiator Spud Wrench, Nutcracker, Nut Wrench, Telescoping Basin Wrenches, Garbage Disposal Wrench, No-Hub Torque Wrench, Strap Wrenches, Cleanout Plug Wrench, Stop Key, Socket Wrenches, Pedestal Sink Wrench, Faucet Seat Wrenches, Bibb Seat Tool, Extractor Kit, Tee Extractor, Water Pump Pliers, Polybutylene, Crimp Tool, water heater and Hand Grabbing Tool.